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  • Tactical Ops: Assault on Terror - Fixed Pack By joeycracknl

    Important Settings to tweak to User Preference !
    - DirectInput is enabled by default for optimal mouse tracking. this however activates the ALT+TAB Crosshair and Buyscreen Bugs. To disable it go to the Mouse Settings.
    To get ''better'' mouse tracking without DirectInput, use the MarkC Mouse Fix, its included in the Extra Folder, Check the Readme for Information
    - Surround Sound and 3D Surround are disabled by default, tweak these to user preference in the Audio Settings
    - Most Competitive Players will lower or disable View Bob and set the Music Volume to 0%. Also the brightness higher the brightness to increase visibility of enemies.

    Installation and Starting 
    Extract either Zip or 7-Zip version with 7-Zip or WinZip etc, If you get errors when extracting make sure try the latest version of 7-Zip. It extracts to a 1.25GB Tactical Ops folder.
    Start the Tactical Ops Quick Join and select a server you wish to join, or start the either TO340 or TO350 manualy with Menu > Launch Tactical Ops 3.4 or Launch Tactical Ops 3.5.
    * When using W7/W8 you need  the Microsoft .NET Framework v4 installed for the TO Quick Join Tool (http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=17851)
    * Keep attention to that joining a TO 3.5 Server will require you to have ESE Installed and configured Properly.
    * For TO 3.5 ESE make sure Tactical Ops is not installed into example "C:/Users/", like Documents, Downloads or your Desktop.
    A Perfect install directory would be something like "C:/Tactical Ops" or "C:/Games/Tactical Ops" (Or Other Drives)

    Intel HD Graphics and TO 
    On some computers with Intel HD Graphics you might get a black screen when trying to start TO. (Tested on vanilla 3.4 install and this version)
    This might depend on the model number and graphics driver used. It could help searching for a updated driver on Intel's website or your motherboard manufacturer.
    A Work around is pressing F12 on startup to minimize TO, then you can make it full screen again and play the game. This has to be done every time on startup.

    Which TO version to play?
    In v3.4 you can join all servers without problems as all files will be downloaded automatically. (After joining a v3.4 ACE server, make sure to restart TO to join servers without ACE)
    TO join 95% of all v3.5 servers you will need to install and configure the ESE Anti Cheat Client properly or you will get kicked from nearly all servers.
    * As of 2016 it seems TO 3.4 has a larger community then 3.5, if all servers are empty check on a later time.

    Check the Common Issues Wiki for Help and Information:
    Fixed Server Browser + Multplayer
    Since the GameSpy shutdown the Tactical Ops server browser stopped working. By using 3 alternative Master Servers they now display servers again. Also the server list only displays servers of a compatible version instead of a mixed server list. Fixed Game Speed and Mouse Input
    By default the game would run at such a high and inconsistent framerate it resulted in speed up and slow down gameplay combined with irregular mouse tracking. By limiting the game to 100fps this has been fixed, SwapInterval is set to 0 to also improve the delay of the mouse. (Perhaps some of these fixes are placebo, but they are all known fixes to fix UT99/TO Mouse input) Fixed OpenGL Renderers
    TO v3.4 has OpenGL Renderer v3.5 that works on all servers. Newer Renderers have been released but are not compatible with multiplayer servers on both versions. TO v3.5 has an older OpenGL Renderer released with the v3.5 Community Patch since that lets you join all servers except the ones that require the ESE Anti Cheat Client installed and activated. For ESE Servers in v3.5 you will need to have installed the ESE Renderers from the ESE Account Manager. Keybinder Included
    Included are SuperTeam Keybinder v1.4 for TO v3.4 and v1.5 for TO v3.5. These can be launched ingame from the main menu and is a tool that lets you bind various game commands to buttons of your choice. Very useful tool and a must have for every player. The TO 3.5 is ESE compatible
    Run the ESESetup.exe in the /Extra/ Folder for the ESE Account Manager. Once you have a ESE account and the keyfile placed into the TO350/System folder, have installed the ESE Client and the Renderers from the Account Manager you should be able to join all TO v3.5 ESE Servers. Just make sure you select the TO350/System/TacticalOps.exe and not the Tactical Ops Quick Join.exe as the install location. As noted above in the "Installation" part you need to have your Tactical Ops folder located on a directory that is compatible with ESE, it will give a error message when its not.
      Complete list of changes made since Original Install
    Changed_or_Removed_Files.zip - Added as backup

    SHA1 d8fbf8919cf6f12036a04dacbaca3729f37c3b8f
    SHA256 59ecee9a67fc2f4507364879c4600bf8e1723514cbf52f8dd06e9b610c47a012 TO-AOT-v340-v350.7z
    SHA1 905568e6de11c882c7b5d212351ca93fcbd21697
    SHA256 a952e0dc3034bcb3e8090f4862f5f491dce0b78fcaa9895a7b5a9c892da603b1

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