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Errors when extracting the TO:AoT v3.4 + v3.5 Fixed Download
If both the Zip and the 7-Zip version fail to extract, go to http://www.7-zip.org/ and download the latest version.

Mouse Cursor doesnt move after starting Tactical Ops
If your mouse cursor is stuck in the top left of the screen simply ALT-TAB out and back into the game.

File Mismatch Error when joining a Multiplayer Server
There is a very small chance that when you download custom files yourself or joined a multiplayer server and automaticly downloaded custom files and then try to join a server you might get kicked. This is either because you have incompatible file of the same name, or a custom file is not allowed by the other server. Easiest solution is to manually clean the Cache folders or alternatively reinstall the game.

Using ESE Anti Cheat for Tactical Ops v3.5
Install the ESESetup.exe for the ESE Account Manager. Make sure you have registered and obtained a ESE Keyfile and place it into your TO v3.5 System folder. Configure your TO v3.5 TacticalOps.exe installation folder in ESE. Then install the ESE Client Files and the ESE Renderers and configure them from inside the ESE Account Manager. After all these steps you should be able to join ESE Servers.
Also make sure to browse to the "System/TacticalOps.exe" file and not the Tactical Ops Quick Join.exe file when using the TO v3.4 + v3.5 fixed pack.

Installing Custom Files
When using custom files its always advised to make a separate installation for offline or lan use only.
.int and .u files -> TO-Version/System
.unr files -> TO-Version/Maps
.utx files -> TO-Version/Textures
.uax files -> TO-Version/Sounds
.umx files-> TO-Version/Music

Crashes, INI-Parser Kick or Netspeed Kick
Sometimes when you just joined a server you might get kicked or the game can simply crash between map loads. Simply restart the game and rejoin the server.
If you have in TO:AoT v3.4 you have used ACE on a server, make sure you restart the game or wont be able to other servers afterwards. If you get kicked on v3.5 servers make sure ESE is activated and configured properly.
If your Internet Connection is slow, or unstable set the connection speed lower in the settings menu. Options -> Preferences -> Network -> and change Internet Connection from LAN to Cable, xDSL or lower if the Netspeed Error still appears. (This might also be needed if you play on high ping servers)

Tactical Ops

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First of all you need the sounds you wish to include to your package as .wav- files. These files need to be converted into the following format: PCM (22,050 kHz; 8 Bit; Mono). To convert the files you can easily use the standard Windows-Audiorecorder. Just open the files and save them (file/ save as…) in the above mentioned format.
Now copy all your soundfiles into your ‘Tactical Ops/ Sounds’ folder. Afterwards start the Unreal Editor (v.2.0 or 3.0) and import the files via ‘Sound Browser’ and ‘File/ Import’ (Of course you easily can extract sounds from existing .uax-soundpackages the other way round via ‘File/ Export’ and put them into your new soundpackage). Within the now open ‘Import-Window’ you can choose a suitable name for your soundpackage. Please keep in mind that you have to use a unique name for the package in order to avoid later ‘version-mismatches’. 
Here an example how it should look like:

Package: insert the name of your soundpackage here! (e.g. mysoundpackage)
Group: leave this field empty!
Name: gives the name of the current imported sound (e.g. sound1) 
Now save the current soundfile to get the .uax file for Tactical Ops. Keep on importing all your desired soundfiles alike. Make sure you always use the identical soundpackage-name. After you have added all files to your soundpackage just save it once more. Now you should have one single .uax file (e.g. mysoundpack.uax) which contains all saved sounds. 
Now each sound needs to be assigned to a specific text which must be typed in the chat function on the server to play the sound. The text and the corresponding sounds need to be written in your server.ini. Look for this section:
SoundMessages=True <- set this entry to True (default is False)

As you can see, type in the name of your soundpackage before each sound-name in the TriggeredSound – Lines!
In this example ‘sound1’ would be played by typing ‘sound1’ in the in-game chat function (say sound1).
After all sounds and triggertexts are written in your server.ini you need to enter your soundpackage as ServerPackage in the following section of the server.ini:
ServerPackages=mysoundpackage (without the .uax extension)
Now you are almost done with it. Save your .ini and upload it to your server. Don’t forget to upload your soundpackage into the ‘Tactical Ops/ Sounds’ – folder. Afterwards restart your gameserver and enjoy your new soundpackage.
Author: nemesis
Courtesy of Spielwiese
Tactical Ops

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To create a serverlogo you first need a logo in one of these sizes: 64x64, 128x128 or 256x256 in .pcx - format. To create it use some software like Adobe’s Photoshop or some other programs which are able to save pictures and logos as .pcx - files. Logo must have 256 colors (important, otherwise it will not work or the logo will not be displayed properly). Make sure your logo got a unique name in order to avoid later ‘version – mismatches’.
After your custom logo is saved as .pcx - file, start Unreal Editor and import it with ‘Texture Browser - File - Import’.
The Import Window should look like this:

Package: insert the name of your logo here! (e.g. yourlogoname-logo)
Group: leave this field empty! 
Name: logo

Generate MipMaps: uncheck this option!
Masked: should be checked (at least from size 128x128 to 256x256)

Now save the imported logo with the identical name (e.g. yourlogoname-logo) to get the .utx - file. Upload this file to your server (‘Tactical Ops/ Textures’ – folder).

Now you need to edit your server.ini. Look for the following sections and add your logo as ServerPackage:


and in this section:

CustomLogoHeight= add here a number according to your logo’s size (64, 128 or 256)

Now you’re almost done with it. Just save the modified server.ini and upload it to your server. Restart your gameserver and enjoy your custom logo when connecting to the server.
Author: nemesis
Courtesy of Spielwiese
Tactical Ops

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Redirect Download
If you have a server running additional maps (custom-maps), mutators and other packages (e.g. soundpackages), a Redirect Download (redirect) is highly recommended. 
Redirect simply is a folder on a web server which contains all your gameserver’s additional files. Instead of downloading the files directly from your gameserver, your players will automatically download all files from the redirect. This brings two big advantages: first, your gameserver’s performance is not influenced by downloads anymore and second, download time is reduced to a minimum - your players will appreciate that. To shorten download time even more, however, you can (and you really should!) compress the files on your redirect. See below for how to compress files.
Setting up the redirect:
First of all you need web space big enough for all files you want to make accessible through http download (redirect). 
Create one single folder on the web server (web space) for your redirect download. All files belong into one folder, regardless of their file-extension.
Now you have to specify your redirect download address (URL) in your Tactical Ops gameserver's server.ini. The following section in the server.ini should read like this:
[IpDrv.HTTPDownLoad] RedirectToURL=http://www.yourwebspace.tld/path/to/redirect/ ProxyServerHost= ProxyServerPort=3128 UseCompression=True (True for compressed files, False for non-compressed files)  
UCC Compression
You always should compress the redirect-files into .uz format since compression improves download rate strikingly. The needed application ucc.exe is provided with Tactical Ops anyway. Find it in the TO System-folder.
How to compress files:
Create a new folder on your PC – most suitable would be the root directory of your hard drive (e.g. c:\redirect). Copy all files you wish to compress in this particular folder. Now open the MS-DOS console and switch to the system-folder of your TO installation, where the ucc.exe is located. For the default installation of Tactical Ops (retail version) it should be this directory: C:\Programs\Infogrames\Tactical Ops\
Enter the following command:
cd\programs\infogrames\tactical ops\system
If Tactical Ops is installed in another directory you have to change the path accordingly. After that, type in this command to compress all files within your folder redirect:
ucc.exe compress c:\redirect\*.*
This .* is a wildcard character to compress all files within the folder. Alternatively you can use the specific file-extensions as .utx, .unr etc.
Your DOS console should look like this:

According to number and size of files this process may take a while. After finishing compression you will find the compressed files within your folder redirect. Now you can upload all files with the .uz – extension to your web server's redirect folder.
P.S.: You can easily write a .bat-file to make compression of files more comfortable. Open the Windows Editor and write this line:
ucc.exe compress c:\redirect\*.*
Now browse to File and click Save as, select as Type of file all. Enter a suitable file-name and write .bat behind the name (e.g. compress.bat). Save this file to your TO System-folder. Now you can start compression by double-click this file.
Author: nemesis
Courtesy of Spielwiese
Tactical Ops

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The Demorec - Function

There is an in-game recording-function in Tactical Ops which allowes one to take a demo of the game. This function is often used at tournaments to proof fair play of everyone.

How to take a demo?

To record a demo just open the console (hit the ö - key or ~ -key) and type the command demorec *name* where *name* is a value of your choice (see examples and picture).

Example 1: demorec nemesis

Example 2: demorec nemesis2

Now the demo will be taped until map ends. You'll see red letters REC in the lower right corner of your screen as long as demorec is active (see picture).

You can stop recording manually by typing the command stopdemo (see picture).

The demo will be saved as a .dem - file in the first system-folder of your Tactical Ops installation. The name of the file is the name you've chosen before (examples: nemesis.dem and nemesis2.dem)

To play the demo just start Tactical Ops, open the console and type in demoplay *name* (examples: demoplay nemesis bzw. demoplay nemesis2).

Overview of all commands:
demorec *name* 
demoplay *name*

Adminfunctions of Demorec
The following command is for admins (depending on setting for semi admins too) only.
To force a recording
Logged in as admin you can force players to record a demo using the forcedemorec *PID* command (see picture).

The demo will be recorded and saved within the first system folder on the client PC, not on the server itself. By default the name of the demo will contain map-title, date and time.
The following picture shows a recording to the name TO-Dragon-2009-06-11@14H55. The start of the recoring is confirmed in the console as well (see picture).

The REC symbol (see above) will be displayed on the screen of the concerning player and there will be a notification about the recoring (see picture).

Another hint:
Admins can see who is recoring a demo within the scoreboard. As long as the demorec - function is active (recording) a little camera - symbol is displayed next to the player's name (see picture). Only when logged in as admin you can see this symbol.

Author: nemesis
Courtesy of Spielwiese
Tactical Ops

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Here is a list of some useful client-side TOST commands which can be used on servers runnig TOST. However, this is not a list of all available commands. We just listed some commands which you may find helpful and convenient to use.

All commands have to be typed into the console (by hitting the keys "~" or "tab"). Commands can also be binded in the user.ini. All commands are marked red & bold, a brief explanation of each command is given below.

The crosshair and laserdots turn blue.

Message to yourself only (useful for buy scripts) - can also execute macros. Example: "echo Bought #w" --> "(echo)Bought Glock23". This message can only be seen by the one who executes this command.

Echos the next map in cycle (eg. "getnextmap" --> To-RapidWaters).

Logs the IP of the server you're on into console - now you can tell people in voice communication the server you're on without getting killed cause you don't lose any time now.

ignore 'PID'
Any text being said by the player with the PID will be ignored.

ignoresound 'PID' 
Sound being played by the player with the PID will be ignored. Additional parameters (instead of PID): '-2' - ignore all '-3' ignore no one.

Only makes sense in a keybind. For example x= quickconsole votemap - when you press X, the so-called quick-console will pop up, where you only have to type in the name of the map, not the whole command (votemap). There are a lot of things you can use the quick-console with.

Cycles through the Team Info Hud Extension Modes. Yellow (green) is the number of hossies on the map, red and blue represent the teams. When Terror and SF turn dark, the number of connected players per team is shown. There are three Modes: Off, Old-School (on the left of the screen with plain text & no turning dark) and in the lower right corner.

If the serveradmin has enabled Mapvote, you can vote for a map, and if a certain amount of people votes for the same map, the server will switch to that map - after map end. Hint: A rightclick lets you browse the Maps much faster!

Cycles through 6 Weapons HUD extensions modes (Off, TOStyle, TOStyle-big, OldSchool, Textbased - upper lefthand corner, Textbased - crosshair).

Committing suicide. Helpful only if you have fallen into a hole, got stuck in a bug etc. and can't move anymore.

Shows the current time and date for about 5 seconds in the HUD.

whisper 'PID' 'message'
Example: whisper 9 I wuv u <-- The Player with the PID 9 will get a message by you "I wuv u" - no other people will see it!

PID= Player ID, PID is shown on scoreboard behind the player's name in the "id" column.
This text is based on: tost.tactical-ops.de. Author: darix 
Author: nemesis
Courtesy of Spielwiese

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Tactical Ops is a team-oriented game. There are 2 teams in Tactical Ops: the Terrorists and the Special Forces. Both teams have their own objectives and their own weapons, along with their own skins, player models, and radio voices.
There are 5 game modes in Tactical Ops. Probably the most fascinating feature is that no map is restricted only a single game mode. A mapper can combine a few game types into one map. Each game mode has its own victory conditions, but you can also win by totally annihilating the opposing team. Some maps can contain no objectives, and focus entirely on killing.
Bombing and Defusal
This typically involves the Terrorist team trying to plant the bomb at a designated bombsite. One terrorist will be chosen at random and will have the bomb placed in his inventory. A small bomb icon is located on the HUD to indicate that you have the bomb. If you do not wish to carry the bomb, you can drop it for another teammate to pick up.
To plant a bomb, simply select the bomb in your inventory (Press the "9" key by default) while standing on a bombsite. Hold down the fire key until you get a confirmation message that the bomb has been planted.
Even if the bomb has been planted, the Terrorist's job still isn't complete. The bomb has a 55-second timer before it explodes. You'll have to defend the bombsite until the bomb goes off. It's usually a good idea to wait until there is 10 to 15 seconds left.
As a Special Forces member, it is your duty to protect the bombsites from the Terrorist team. If they manage to make it to a bombsite and plant the bomb, you'll have to defuse it. To defuse the bomb, stand on top of it and hold the use key until the progress bar reaches 100%. Defusing the bomb usually requires 8 to 9 seconds, and will not be able to move or fire your weapons during that time.
Hostage Rescue
Terrorists will have to protect the hostages and keep them from being rescued by the Special Forces team. As a terrorist, you can get them to follow you and lead them away or hide them somewhere so it's not so easy for the Special Forces to find them. Be careful, if you lead a hostage to a rescue point it will count it as a hostage rescue for the SF team. An alternative to camping the hostages is to wait around the rescue points and ambushing the Special Forces there.
As a Special Forces member, you must rescue the hostages. The number of hostages that must be rescued can vary depending on the map. Sometimes you only have to rescue the majority, but usually you must rescue all of them for it to be considered a victory. To rescue a hostage, you will have to lead them to the hostage rescue point. Usually, a rescue point is located close to the SF spawn point. Be careful, as there may be terrorists waiting there to gun you down.
Assault is the game type with the most variety. It will usually involve console timers that either (or both) teams must complete in to ensure victory. Sometimes there can be multiple console timers to complete. Obviously, the first one who completes them wins.
Capture The O.I.C.W.
The O.I.C.W. (Or the Objective Individual Combat Weapon. See Weapons Guide for more information) is a top-secret prototype weapon. On most O.I.C.W. maps, it's the Terrorist's objective to steal the O.I.C.W. and slaughter the entire SF team with it. As a Special Forces member, you must protect it from theft. Usually, the OICW may only be picked up by a Terrorist unless specified otherwise on a map. After it has been dropped by a Terrorist player, anyone can pick it up, and it will fill your normal rifle slot ("4" key by default).
This is one of the less common game types of Tactical Ops. It usually entails the Terrorist team fleeing for their lives while the Special Forces get to hunt them down. To escape, you'll have to make it to the escape point alive. Once you reach the escape point, you'll go into spectator mode and you'll respawn in the next round will all the weapons and money you had before

Not all weapons are capable of an instant-kill headshot, and they don't have any of the weight penalties that Counter Strike weapons have. Unlike in CS, you are not given a count of the total amount of ammunition you have. Instead, it shows the amount of ammo magazines that you are carrying. Each magazine carries the same amount of ammunition. If you reload, your current magazine and all ammunition in it are dumped. You also cannot pull off the drop-switch trick to get more ammo for a gun. However, you can pick up another of the same gun to add ammo to your current count.

Damage System
Instant-kill headshots are almost non-existent, with a few exceptions. There is still an advantage at aiming for the head. Getting headshots in will do significantly more damage than chestshots. Also, Kevlar is a lot more useful. Without Kevlar a player can take significantly less damage. A few pistol or SMG rounds or getting grazed from a rifle round can kill you. Grenades also do a lot more damage as well, and are more effective at flushing out entrenched enemies.

Talking to hostages does not grant you money and money awards do not change, no matter what gametype. If you are a Terrorist, a hostage can pick up a gun and kill you. If you are on either team and you attack a hostage, they will attack and kill you if they have a weapon.

Buy System
The most noticeable change from Tactical Ops to Unreal Tournament is that there are no weapons lying around on the maps. Instead, weapons must be purchased.
At the beginning of a round, everyone will start off at his or her team's spawn point. At the beginning of the match, you will also spawn with a free starting pistol and $1000 in your pocket. For a short a period of time (This time varies. It will depend on server settings) you will be allowed to purchase weapons free of danger.
To purchase a weapon, you must press the action button to view the buy menu (The "B" button by default). You can come back at any time during the round and purchase more weapons and ammunition if you wish 
to do so.
The following is a short chart detailing how the TO economy runs.
Action - Amount ($)
Kill an enemy: $300
Kill a teammate: -$1200
Kill a hostage: -$2000
Win the round: $1500
Lose the round: $1000*
Rescue a Hostage: $1000
Keeping Evidence: $300

Weapon & Equipment
9F2 Glorietta / Beretta 92F (Special Forces)
Cost: $300
Effective Range: 33 meters
Rounds per minute: 300
Magazine size: 15
Maximum magazines: 4
GL 23 / Glock 21 (Terrorists)
Cost: $300
Effective Range: 33 meters
Rounds per minute: 260
Magazine size: 13
Maximum magazines: 5
Black Hawk / Desert Eagle (Both)
Cost: $500
Effective Range: 56 meters
Rounds per minute: 200
Magazine size: 7
Maximum magazines: 7
Raging Bull (Special Forces)
Cost: $700
Effective Range: 45 meters
Rounds per minute: 170
Magazine size: 6
Maximum magazines: 7

AP II / SMG II (Special Forces)
Cost: $900
Effective Range: 33 meters
Rounds per minute: 900
Magazine size: 30
Maximum magazines: 6
UZI / Ingram MAC 10 (Terrorists)
Cost: $950
Effective Range: 33 meters
Rounds per minute: 950
Magazine size: 32
Maximum magazines: 6
MP5 SD (Special Forces)
Cost: $1500
Effective Range: 67 meters
Rounds per minute: 825
Magazine size: 30
Maximum magazines: 5
MP5 Navy / MP5A2 (Terrorists)
Cost: $1500
Effective Range: 67 meters
Rounds per minute: 790
Magazine size: 30
Maximum magazines: 5

BW SPS 12 / SPAS 12 (Special Forces)
Cost: $1500
Effective Range: 30 meters
Rounds per minute: 76
Magazine size: 8
Maximum ammo: 40
Berg 509 / Mossberg Shotgun (Terrorists)
Cost: $1200
Effective Range: 30 meters
Rounds per minute: 110
Magazine size: 8
Maximum ammo: 40
AS12 / Saiga 12 (Terrorists)
Cost: $2500
Effective Range: 33 meters
Rounds per minute: 150
Magazine size: 7
Maximum magazines: 4

M4A1 (Special Forces)
Cost: $3300
Effective Range: 140 meters
Rounds per minute: 675
Magazine size: 30
Maximum magazines: 5
AK47 (Terrorists)
Cost: $3200
Effective Range: 112 meters
Rounds per minute: 650
Magazine size: 30
Maximum magazines: 5
M16 / M16A2 (Special Forces)
Cost: $3850
Effective Range: 337 meters
Rounds per minute: 280
Magazine size: 20
Maximum magazines: 4
SR90 / MSG 90 (Both)
Cost: $4300
Effective Range: 1012 meters
Rounds per minute: 90
Magazine size: 5
Maximum magazines: 4
RK3 Rifle / HK33 (Special Forces)
Cost: $4400
Effective Range: 253 meters
Rounds per minute: 600
Magazine size: 30
Maximum magazines: 4
SW Commando / Sig 551 (Terrorists)
Cost: $4600
Effective Range: 281 meters
Rounds per minute: 550
Magazine size: 30
Maximum magazines: 4
Parker Hale 85 (Special Forces)
Cost: $4400
Effective Range: 1350 meters
Rounds per minute: 35
Magazine size: 10
Maximum magazines: 4
M4A1m203 (Special Forces)
Cost: $10000
Effective Range: 140 meters
Rounds per minute: 675
Magazine size: 30
Maximum magazines: 5
M60 (Terrorists)
Cost: $9600
Effective Range: 168 meters
Rounds per minute: 550
Magazine size: 100
Maximum magazines: 2

Concussion Grenade
Cost: $300
Effective Range: 50 meters
Blast Radius: 2 meters
Flashbang Grenade
Cost: $400
Effective Range: 50 meters
Blast Radius: Line of sight
Smoke Grenade
Cost: $450
Effective Range: 50 meters
Blast Radius: 2 meters
HE Grenade
Cost: $500
Effective Range: 50 meters
Blast Radius: 3 meters

Kevlar Helmet
Cost: $250
Helps resisting damage taken on the head.
Kevlar Vest
Cost: $350
Helps resisting damage taken arround the chest area.
Kevlar Thigh Pads
Cost: $300
Helps resisting damage taken on the upper legs.

Cost: #7
Max ammo: 7
Cost: $400
Assists in spotting enemies in dark area's of the map.
Default equipment for every player.
Assists in spotting enemies in dark area's of the map.

(Allot of this info comes from a walktrough / readme, still have to track it down and add it as source)
*Note: Make sure when you copy any of these lines, that there are no spaces at the start of any line when copying it into your files

#1 In TacticalOps.ini replace all the content from
[UBrowser.UBrowserMainClientWindow] to [UWeb.WebServer] with the following:
#2 In Ubrowser.int replace all its content with:
UBrowserTO=Internet Servers
UBrowserLAN=LAN Servers

#3 In TOSystem.int replace all content with:

Changing what version to load servers from:
In TacticalOps.ini you can select what version of Tactical Ops server must be loaded with GameType=TO340 or Gametype=TO350:

What about the 2 other master servers?
This includes Qtracker, Epicgames and 333Network Master Servers, the other 2 are noccer.de and errorist.tk are either offline or no server report to it.

If you want to host a server, instead of editing your own files, its better to start off with the premade server package here in the download section.
(Or alternatively check out the file archive on http://TacOps.tk)
How to use the OpenGL renders ability to use Anisotropic Filtering and Anti Aliasing
"In 3D computer graphics, anisotropic filtering (abbreviated AF) is a method of enhancing the image quality of textures on surfaces of computer graphics that are at oblique viewing angles with respect to the camera where the projection of the texture"
"Anti Aliasing is a technique used to smooth otherwise jagged lines or textures by blending the color of an edge with the color of pixels around it. The result should be a more pleasing and realistic appearance, depending on the intensity of the effect"

Anisotropic Filtering is rather light for a GPU to process and gives quite a good improvement of the games textures at longer distances. You can set it from 0=disabled, too 2, 4, 8 and 16 as maximum. This can be easily set to 16 as it doesn't put allot of stress on the hardware. Anti Aliasing can be a bit more taxing on the hardware. You can set it from 0=disabled, too 2, 4 and 8. If you enable this i suggest you experiment with 2 or 4. It makes the picture allot better and smoother, while not losing any sharpness. (Note: Sometimes when using AA a small artifact might appear next to the mouse cursor ingame)
How to enable AF and AA:
At the Main Menu of Tactical Ops go to Tools -> System Console
In the System Console type: Preferences
When you opened the Config Screen, select Rendering -> OpenGL Support ->
AA: Change MaxAnisotropy to 2, 4, 8 or 16
AF: Change NumAASamples to 2, 4 or 8
Change UseAA to Enabled

(Note: After enabled AA and closing the settings menu, TO might crash, Simply restart it and click Run Tactical Ops)


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* These settings are pre-configured in the TO v3.4+v3.5 Fixed Pack.
1. DirectInput and Mouse Smoothing:
In Tactical Ops configuration menu make sure you have Direct Input enabled and Mouse Smoothing disabled.
Allthough some players actually prefer to have Mouse Smoothing enabled.

Enabling DirectInput will activate the ALT+TAB Crosshair / Buyscreen bugs.

For ''optimal'' mouse tracking without DirectInput check this out: http://donewmouseaccel.blogspot.nl/2010/03/markc-windows-7-mouse-acceleration-fix.html

2. Make sure SwapInteral is set to 0 and not -1 or 1 o anything else. (Allready set to 0 in the TO 3.4+3.5 Pack)
At the Main Menu of Tactical Ops go to Tools -> System Console
In the System Console type: Preferences
When you opened the Config Screen, select Rendering -> OpenGL Support -> and scroll down to SwapInterval.